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MLK DAY (leak! from BLK STL project)

by RAS KASS feat. ERIC JAY prod by TRACKZ 101

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exclusive LEAK from the forthcoming ensemble project BLACK STEEL coming Fall 2022!


released January 14, 2022

MLK day lyrics

Its all for the culture thats what you see
And imma rep it til i cant no more
No matter where going ya best believe you gotta feel it in your soul fa sho

I wonder what cats was thinking April 3rd
1968 - day before Kings murder occurred
Probably optimistic, thinking bout driving down to Memphis
Now they name a street after him in Low Income districts
Not being negative I’m realistic
Speaking logistics in the process of keeping my wrist lit
The Modern Urban Philosopher
Rappers either make believe kingpins, or they gossipers
The devil traded Polo shirts for swastikas
co-opted the cops, adopted the moniker of Evangelical Christian;
same Christians 1960s, bombed churches & did the lynching
Guess religion contradicting heaven
Cuz terrorism is homegrown & these radical got a reverend
What is Black Steel? It’s that black mother with her back peeled
From whips cracking her flesh on a vast field
Picking cotton - yeh THAT yield
Just so she could survive to protect her baby,
It’s that real
Black Steel: the murder weapon in the hood where blacks kill one another
See every brother ain’t a brother
Am I supposed to - bleach my skin, wear blue contacts like Sammy Sosa
sistas strip in Racist Chat Rooms - that Cat is Doja
told ya, self-hate is that Ill
But you change your genetic family you Black Still

BRIDGE (children)

I dont know, what you been told
But we been down for the fight my friend
Marching roads, stay on yo toes
Cause we gon celebrate this day on in
Its all for the culture thats what you see
And imma rep it til i cant no more
No matter where going ya best believe you gotta feel it in your soul fa sho

Im on my way, can you hold my place, i wanna do it for the king ya dig

I wanna celebrate

Ignore yo hate, better fix yo face, it dont change anything he did

I wanna celebrate

Keep yo take, if it aint yo taste, cause we gon run it til the days away

I wanna celebrate

Its whatchu make, better know yo place, or we gon check ya on whatever you say

I wanna celebrate

But until, just fake it mutha fucka

Every 3rd Monday of January… just fake it mutha fucka

BRIDGE (children)

[news coverage of King assassination]


all rights reserved



Ras Kass

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