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by Ras Kass

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Never Free 02:50
[Part 1: Ras Kass] {"You know what you are, you don't give a damn"} Fuck this The change that never was How many times can you wash your hands of the innocent's blood? Land of no love, home of the tyranny Showed the whole world America's still on the wrong side of history Non-threatening Negroes sing "Kumbaya" Sistah Souljah tried to told ya, they want to start a race war Brobama got elected, some call it a "whitelash." In this election, the White supremacy strikes back Past 20 years crime, national decrease But more unarmed shootings by police Increase in White hate groups rose 813% Just because we had 1 Black president ?! These Christian zealots, the media neglected to tell us Evangelicals the felons believe non-Whites are the Devil Same thing in the '60's during the Civil Rights protests Signs "interracial marriage is the Anti-Christ." *spits* America spat in our faces Trump came down the escalator then called an entire nationality rapists Dissed China, Muslims and nigs And half the country said, "He's just tell it like it is!" Huh? The compulsive liar, war dodger, tax evader Three-times cheater, he gon' make America greater? Billion-dollar loser, xenophobe, misogynist Possible incest committer, you ain't got a problem with this?? Christie, Guliani, Ted Nugent, Mike Pence Roger Ayles; damn even FOX had some common sense Damn... [Part 2: Ras Kass] 2016 was a political coup with surgical precision America's autopsy, let's make the 'Y' incision This wasn't my decision Lincoln, Kennedy, King, this wasn't what I 'visioned "Make this world a better place", that should've been our mission "Take our country back", rally cry of the opposition 3rd party split votes but people didn't listen Blacks and millennials chose defeatism and indecision Realest statistics I'll ever quote 3 party votes cost Hillary 90 electoral votes Lost: Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada Arizona, Michigan and Utah A lot of Blacks and young people didn't vote 'Cause they don't trust Hillary, thought indifference was "rockin the boat." Nah, joke on you dick, of people who took the time to vote 71% was White, Latinos showed up But we ain't back 'em up We too busy "trappin" homie and that's wack as fuck Trump won with less votes than McCain and Romney who both lost So blame yourself, when your civil rights get fucked off Put a sociopath in the most powerful seat an even extreme right-wing Veep Spiteful Republican Senate, Republican House Appointing neo-con judges to the Supreme Court now And that's a royal flush right down a solid gold shitter; Exactly why the rich get richer They want ObamaCare repealed, yeah Twelve million people losing their healthcare, yeah Women's Reproductive Rights gone, First Amendment Rights gone 1960's, they gon' send us back to Jim Crow And trust, this 'legal weed' turning back to felonies To fill the prisons somebody gotta 'Build That Wall' for free Deport 11 million Mexicans Border Patrol Nazi Gestapo for the Texas men And when we're mad as hell 2020 election Remember they gerrymandered districts, practice voter suppression And that kinda is where we are, sadly Feels like I'm watching America's series' finale White Nationalists took their country back But never offered Native Americans that, facts I guess equality was never meant to include Muslims, gays, women, Latinos or Blacks They made us scapegoats Lower class Whites, "Why so much hate, folks?" Used dog whistles like the inner city and moochers Hip hop thugs who sell their white children drugs The KKK and NRA With Putin, Wikileaks and the CIA Evangelicals voted for Trump, the Amish voted for Trump White Catholics voted for Trump, what the fuck? Even Jehovah's Witness did this Drawn to a message of reinstating White privilege Claim to be the "Beacon of the World", liberty's flame You just a nation of bigotry, we should all be ashamed




released December 5, 2017


all rights reserved



Ras Kass

introducing CONTEMP-HOP

short for: Adult Contemporary Hip Hop Music.

a more accurate definition for the genre of Rap many enjoy but find hard to categorize. 1990's boom-bap influenced music being made Today, with a focus on lyrical content

the music we love from WuTang, Biggie and 2pac, to Eminem, Nas Common, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar and countless others
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